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Miniature Jerseys & Cashmere Goats

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Miniature Cows

We are the proud owners of a wonderful herd of cattle. The herd consists of 28 head: 20 full miniature Jerseys, 2 full miniature Irish Jerseys or Belmonts, 1 mid-size minature Jersey, and 5 standard Jerseys. We have pretty much completed the process of transitioning to a full miniature Jersey herd with a few full miniature Irish Jerseys for variety.

Full miniature cows are defined as being 42" or less at the hip at 3 years of age. Mid-size miniature's are over 42" and up to 48" at 3 years. They will typically weigh 700 lbs.

Depending on the cow, our full miniature Jerseys produce approximately 30 pounds of milk per day with our largest producer generating 64 lbs per day! Our mid-size miniatures produce approximately 50 pounds of milk per day.

Our bulls, though miniatures, get rather beefy. At their passing, Merlin and Gandalf, two of our full miniature Irish Jersey bulls, weighed just over 1,100 poundseach and had hanging weights of just under 650 pounds.

Our miniatures are registered with either the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry or with the American Miniature Jersey Association. All of our miniatures have been tested for the chondrodysplasia mutation (the bulldog gene). Results of an animal's test will be made available prior to sale. Further, all of our milking cows have been tested for TB and are clear.



Cows for Sale!
We currently have 2 standard Jersey Heifers, 4 Miniture Jersey Heifers, and 1 Miniature Jersey Bull for sale.

Change in Milk Policy
Due to a change in our insurance we will no longer be able to offer not pasteurized milk for sale. All of our milk products, with the exception of our 60-day aged cheeses, will now either be heat-treated or pasteurized. Our apologies to those who have supported our dairy over the years.

Bull Semen Available
We have semen from 6 of our bulls available for purchase. Semen from Heath, Carter, Dream Catcher, Franklin, James, and Gandalf is currently available.

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